Come on Baby

Come on Baby E 1.01

High speed online racing for babies


  • Fun, original graphics
  • Good gameplay


  • Small sized texts are hard to read
  • Online races are not very populated at the moment


Come on baby is a free online racing game from the creator of Fantasy Tennis and Audition Online. Having these predecessors, I was looking forward to installing and testing this game, but sadly Come on baby fell way too short of what we expected it to be.

First of all, the game has some graphical issues, especially when rendering fonts: small sized text can hardly be read at all. Although this doesn't interfere with gameplay, it does make it very difficult when you're doing the tutorial levels or when you need to follow certain instructions.

That said, Come on baby shows off a fun, colorful design both in characters and scenarios, only that I personally found them a bit childish. Cars –well, actually baby walkers- are easy to manage and respond very well to controls. Besides practicing and racing on your own, you can compete against other players worldwide in online races, but unfortunately chat rooms were empty and we couldn't find appropriate competitor.

In any case, bear in mind that Come on Baby is still at beta stage in development, so hopefully the author will put some effort in solving these issues and make the whole game experience a lot better.

Come on baby is a free online racing game that puts daring baby pilots (Doogie, Donburi, Momoka, PanPan, Zambie and Cafleo) behind the steering wheel. It features a wide variety of tracks and enables you to compete against players from all over the world.

After choosing your baby character you'll take your first driving lessons in the Tutorial, after which you're ready to race in any of the game's modes: single, team or speed driving. Besides trying to be the fastest pilot, you'll find some power-ups along the track that can help you beat your opponents, just like Super Mario Kart.

Manga style graphics make this game especially attractive for younger players.

Come on Baby


Come on Baby E 1.01

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